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Reconfigurable Bio-nano Hybrid Metasurface for Biosensing


"Our project ROBOT Sensing aims to overcome the barriers of reliable nanofabrication of bio-nano hybrid metasurface by using a safe, low-cost, straightforward, scalable method with self-assembly of DNA origami and plasmonic nanomaterials. DNA origami technique enables generation of complex plasmonic structures in micrometre-scale and serves as templates for the accurate arrangement of various nanoscale components. Unlike conventional metasurface construction building directly on the surface, multiple reconfigurable ""plasmonic switch-recognition elements"" pairs couple with lattice backbone arrays in a site-specific manner and form a well-defined reconfigurable metasurface for its practical use in nanobiosensing. During capturing a single target molecule, the plasmonic switch alters its conformation to causes change in scattering signal at polarised plasmon, resulting in dark-field scattering spectral shift under polarised light illumination, to be detected by spectroscopy or microscopic camera. Barcode pattern images generated from multiple scattering signals change in an array of switches in our metasurface supports rapid high-throughput sensing.
This project creates new useful information for fundamental research on the effectiveness of the reconfigurable feature in the bio-nano hybrid metasurface in biosensing. It also matches the needs in the EU Horizon 2020 work programme on Nanotechnologies, EU One Health Action, and EU Coronavirus Response, where the evaluated biosensing ability of the nanobiosensor prototype that achieves high sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy could be translated into point-of-care multiple disease screening in disease control and surveillance. The applicant will develop complementary skills, reach professional growth and maturity through highly qualified training and activities, and contribute to the knowledge-based society, where both academic and non-academic sectors will benefit from the result dissemination and two-way communication."

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MSCA-IF-EF-ST - Standard EF


Otakaari 1
02150 Espoo
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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