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Collective Intelligence for Energy Flexibility


First Progress Report

First report detailing full project progress

Risk Management Plan, with updates at M12, M24, M36

Report on the identified potential risks to the project estimate the impact and the probability of them happening and then define responses

Dissemination and Communication Plan and visual identity

The plan will define the projects overall strategy target groups channels responsibilities and timelines and include a Visual Identity to convey a familiar and consistent image of the project for both intraconsortium and external communication

Data management plan, with updates at M24, M36

A Data Management Plan DMP with type ORDP will be formulated in line with the EC Guidelines on FAIR Data Management in Horizon 2020 from the early stages of the project M6 describing the data management life cycle of the data to be collected processed andor generated by the project and laying out the approach for their sound and FAIR management It will evolve during the lifespan of the project as a living document and provide details on the data schemas datasets etc as well as their management what type of data how the data will be collected shared handled preserved what kind of metadata and standards will be applied etc ensuring that all aspects of data handling treatment reporting and access are clear to partners

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