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Preparing for RSV Immunisation and Surveillance in Europe


Roadmap for collaboration with other projects/networks

A roadmap of synergies with other projectsnetworks will be established followed by implementation of the most relevant collaborations

Open-access online tool to continuously measure RSV awareness

Development of an openaccess tool for the continuous measure of RSV awareness

Mid-term recruitment report for Study 2

Report for the time point when 50 of the study population is expected to have been recruited will include an overview of recruited subjects by study site potential recruiting problems and if applicable a detailed description of implemented and planned measures to compensate delays in the study subject recruitment

Final study approvals package for Study 1 and 2

Including final version of study protocol as approved for both studies registration number of clinical studies and approvals required for study 2

Plan for the dissemination and exploitation

This report will lay out the plans for sustainability of results their expected impact the identification of potential users and channels of dissemination and interaction with them

Project communication plan and initial tools

Plan for communicating the project progress and its results It will comprise dissemination objectives target audience tools and planned activities

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