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MINiaturized Electron Optics for Nano-controlled beams


Report on MEMS realisation testing

Reports MEMS realisation testing Test at the TEM and imaging of the devices

Manuscript for paper to attract attention on SPP

Topic could be imaging generation of vortex beams with large OAM quanta coupling of two SPPs to generate a Bessel beam

Dissemination and Exploitation Plan

It will define target audiences strategy and initiatives based also on poll results

Project Logo & Website

Project Graphic Identity will be in line with Q-SORT’s for recognisability - but different, complementary to it. Project Logo & Website will follow.

Data management plan

It will describe how data generated by the project will be treated and how the Consortium will ensure that those data that can be disclosed are FAIR findable accessible interoperable reusable As a general rule data will be as open as possible and as closed as necessary for productisationMINEON will produce data pertaining to the limited work that is necessary for the demonstration testing and refinement of the design fabrication of the chopstick which is the central piece of the electrostatic spiral phase plate eSPP


Generation of electron vortex beams with over 1000 orbital angular momentum quanta using a tuneable electrostatic spiral phase plate

Author(s): Tavabi, Amir H.; Rosi, Paolo; Roncaglia, Alberto; Rotunno, Enzo; Beleggia, Marco; Lu, Peng-Han; Belsito, Luca; Pozzi, Giulio; Frabboni, Stefano; Tiemeijer, Peter; Dunin-Borkowski, Rafal E.; Grillo, Vincenzo
Published in: Issue 1, 2022
Publisher: arXiv
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.6365572

Theoretical and practical aspects of the design and production of synthetic holograms for transmission electron microscopy

Author(s): Rosi, Paolo; Venturi, Federico; Medici, Giacomo; Menozzi, Claudia; Gazzadi, Gian Carlo; Rotunno, Enzo; Frabboni, Stefano; Balboni, Roberto; Rezaee, Mohammadreza; Tavabi, Amir H.; Dunin-Borkowsky, Rafal E.; Karimi, Ebrahim; Grillo, Vincenzo
Published in: Journal f Applied Physics, Issue 2, 2022, ISSN 0021-8979
Publisher: American Institute of Physics
DOI: 10.1063/5.0067528

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