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RESEARCH AND INNOVATION AGENDA WITH AND FOR SOCIETY: Leveraging digital innovation for a greener and healthier Europe


Action and development plan for matching tool

Action and development plan for harmonized approach to matching based on current procedures and goals for increased researcherfunding matching ENLIGHT partners will create a strategy for networkwide matching of researchers and funding

Map of S&T domains + common skills

Report on the mapping of the scientific and technological domains of each ENLIGHT university and of common RI skills on shared research topics linked to the challenges

"ENLIGHT Open Science Status Quo & Opportunities #1"

Co leader UGentBrings together a mapping of OS activities of all partners through an Open Science Status Matrix highlights good practices identifies gaps and opportunities for joint action proposes joint principles and outlines options for rewards and incentives

Plan for the exploitation and dissemination of results (PEDR)

The PEDR will design the strategy so that the outcomes of the ENLIGHT RISE become available to the different end user groups that can benefit from it It will consider bot the scientific and academic communities via peerreview publications conference presentations and the nonacademic partners and stakeholders of ENLIGHTRISE ie industry partners civil society governments and other public administrations eg rectorate international organizations

RISE Project Management Handbook - Guidelines on project management procedures

Guidelines on project management procedures internal project activity monitoring quality process for deliverables publication decisionmaking process and governance risk monitoring and management

"Action plan of 3 pilot focus groups #1"

Coleaders UPVEHU UGentThe report will describe the set up of the 3 pilot focus groups on ENLIGHT flagship challenges and the action plan for prioritizing pilot projects and funding applications in their specific domain

Formalize the ENLIGHT Innovation Network

Report on the formalization of the ENLIGHT RISE Innovation Network list members governance structure agenda

Map of academy-industry partnerships

Map of academyindustry partnerships related to UNSDGs ENLIGHT flagship challenges available through the ENLIGHT RI Observatory

Survey of existing civil society engagement tools in Research, Innovation, Learning and Teaching

Survey among ENLIGHT partners to create an overview of existing projects tools and needs for efficient and flexible engagement of civil society in research innovation and higher education

"Policy brief #1"

Policy brief summarizing the policy recommendations stemming from all WPs activities

Digital infrastructure mapping & roadmap for sharing and connecting with European digital infrastructures for R&I

The report will map the existing digital research infrastructures prioritizing those of relevance to ENLIGHT global societal flagship challenges and will propose methods to connect and share identified digital infrastructures across the alliance with a special focus on infrastructures that are relevant to ENLIGHT flagship challenges

Project communication plan

The communication plan will be designed in connexion with ENLIGHT Erasmus foreseen activities It will list the target stakeholders key messages to be communicated and the means of delivering these messages as well as the partner responsible for leading the communication tasks

"Networking events for early career researchers #1"

Co-leader: UPV/EHU and UGentOrganisation of an annual early career researcher networking events satellite to the ENLIGHT European Dialogues (see Panel 2 section 1), bringing together the ENLIGHT doctoral network and early career researcher networks.

Operational Guidelines and Service offer of R&I-SG

The operational guidelines will describe the services of R&I SG that are available to ENLIGHT partners (example: services to facilitate and incentivize research collaborations, identification of suitable funding support, post-award assistance).

R&I Prize year 1

Co-leaders: UBx, UPV/EHUAnnual contest / competition to award Prizes for the best ENLIGHT RISE R&I project on ENLIGHT flagship challenges conducted by early career researchers from 2 or more ENLIGHT partner universities

"Toolkit for monitoring and assessing R&I impact #V1"

Digital toolkit to monitor RI impact and for selfassessment of impact of RI agendas

Proposal support kit for researchers

Support kit to researchers to help them build their RI grant proposal

R&I Observatory

Coleaders UPVEHU UGentThe ENLIGHT RI Observatory will act as an online onestop shop portal centralizing various benchmarking results surveys and evidencebased policy recommendations emerging from the project

Web-based repository and tool for mutual learning on R&I impact

Webbased tool that will act as an alive repository of international best practices as well as ENLIGHT partners best practices on RI impact assessment and measurement At the same time this tool will allow mutual learning on RI impact assessment by enabling open debate and discussion between ENLIGHT university academics and staff and also external experts

ENLIGHT RISE data management plan

Data management plan assessment of data generated andor existing data used and processed in the frame of ENLIGHT RISE selection of appropriate and secure repository to make data accessible and reusable in line with FAIR principles assessment of full compliance with RGPD for any personal data collection in the frame of the project


The evaluation of research and researchers. Current trends and developments

Author(s): Nele BRACKE, ENLIGHT RISE WP4-Research Assessment Working Group
Published in: 2022
Publisher: NA
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7035342

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