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Spatio-temporal shaping of electron wavepackets for time-domain electron holography

Project description

Research probes the ability of electrons to transfer optical coherence

Coherent interactions between light and electrons enable structuring the temporal probability distribution of electrons with attosecond precision. However, research so far has focused on electron-photon interactions mediated by solid-state structures. The EU-funded eWaveShaper project will develop a versatile tool for shaping electron pulses and characterising the phase profile and amplitude of the electron wave function. Light-electron interactions will be mediated by spatially and temporally modulated light fields in a vacuum. The electron wave packets will be controlled on the nanometre spatial and sub-femtosecond time scales. The approaches proposed in eWaveShaper will open up the possibility for optical coherence transfer mediated by free electrons and spectroscopy with atomic spatial resolution.


Net EU contribution
€ 1 835 895,00
Ovocny Trh 560/5
116 36 Praha 1

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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