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Programmable Nanomatter


PRONANO will develop both theoretical and experimental methods to design autonomous nanoscale units that are able to carry out logic operations in order to self-assemble into distinct structures determined by an external stimuli. The nanounits will be programmed to assemble via a controlled self-assembly kinetic pathway, ultimately enabling programmable nanomatter. We will develop new algorithmic framework that will find the optimal set of interactions and logic gate controls required for the coordinated function of nanoparticles. We will use multiscale coarse-grained modeling to design and simulate interactions of nanostructures with the capabilities to carry out computation and communication with other nanoparticles in order to act as a programmable swarm. We will realize these nanostructures experimentally using DNA nanotechnology, creating a system that can dynamically react to an externally introduced stimulus that induces them to self-assemble into target finite-sized structures. This work will create new methods for nanotechnology that combine optimization theory, molecular simulations and experiments to study the kinetics and thermodynamics of hierarchical multicomponent assembly. As part of this effort, we will develop universal design rules to obtain a set of DNA nanostructures that can carry out computation and communication in order to achieve specific nanostructures as instructed by a biomolecule (DNA, RNA, or protein) that will act as external stimulus. Thus we will create a system which is both computationally tractable and can be realized and iterated experimentally, opening new venues for nanorobotics and self-organized systems. It will enable nanoscale construction of complex three-dimensional structures as a response to external conditions, with applications in molecular manufacturing, therapeutics, diagnostics and smart material construction.


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