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The biofabrication of a 3D in vitro human oviduct model to study infertility and factors affecting embryo development

Project description

A 3D in vitro oviduct model

The oviducts or fallopian tubes connect the ovary to the uterus, transferring egg and sperm and providing a suitable environment for fertilisation. The first embryonic cell divisions take place at the oviduct, setting the stage for fetal development and health in adult life. However, there are no suitable 3D models to further study the molecular mechanisms underlying oviduct function. Funded by the European Research Council, the OviChip project aims to build a 3D in vitro model that recapitulates the structural and biological aspects of the oviduct. The key objective is to understand the selection of healthy sperm and the impact of epigenetic factors affecting embryogenesis.


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€ 2 318 530,00
Minderbroedersberg 4
6200 MD Maastricht

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Zuid-Nederland Limburg (NL) Zuid-Limburg
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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