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Correlation-driven metallic topology


Developments in the past decade have shaped the term topological quantum matter.
In the solid state, much progress has been made on non- and weakly-interacting
systems and correlated insulators, but gapless topological phases governed by
strong correlations are a completely open challenge. They are of great interest
because a wealth of new quantum phases with new properties and functionalities
are expected.
The PI and her collaborators have recently discovered one such phase - the
Weyl-Kondo semimetal - and brought to light its extreme topological responses as
well as the feasibility of genuine topology control by external parameters. This
sets the stage for the present project.
In CorMeTop new correlation-driven gapless topological phases shall be
discovered and design principles for such phases established. New signatures of
these phases shall be revealed and their potential for quantum devices assessed.
To achieve these objectives, the versatile platform of heavy fermion compounds
will be used. Four different design principles - symmetry, emergence, engineered
platforms, and parameter tuning - will be followed, and a combination of
recently established and entirely new experimental probes will be used. The
basis for these studies will be high-quality bulk single crystals and thin films
grown by molecular beam epitaxy.
Among the questions to be addressed are: To which extent does symmetry dictate
the fate of topological states in the limit of strong correlations? What is the
connection between quantum criticality or other emergent phenomena, long-range
entanglement, and topology? Can entirely new platforms based on heavy fermion
systems stabilize robust and even braidable Majorana bound states? Which
theoretical parameters control topology and how can one vary them
experimentally? Which functionalities bear potential for quantum applications?
We expect the project to establish an emerging field, and provide guidance to a
larger community to boost progress.

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