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Lower THz rAdio propagation channeL sounding, parameter Estimation and modeliNg Towards 6G and beyond


The new lower THz band from 100 GHz to 1 THz is considered as a candidate for 6G and beyond systems towards 2030 that require even larger system bandwidths. As wireless systems must be designed with constraints set by the radio propagation channels, understanding the lower THz channel characteristics is essential for realistic system design and performance analysis of communication, positioning and sensing operating at this band. However, they are almost remaining unknown with a few works reported, due to challenges in channel sounder development, low-cost high-resolution parameter estimation (HRPE) and establishing comprehensive and realistic 6G-compatible channel models.

The applicant will address these challenges with Professor Fredrik Tufvesson, a world-leading researcher in channel measurements and characterization, at the host Lund University. The applicant, collaborating with experts in the host and secondment groups, will introduce basic theory and technology breakthroughs to explore the new lower THz band, which include 1) a novel real-time channel sounder, 2) a generic HRPE algorithm and 3) spatially consistent channel models. The project will result in at least four peer-reviewed journal papers, four conference papers and related presentations, and other broader dissemination, communication and exploitation activities.

Undertaking the formal research and training activities, the applicant will achieve an excellent scientific profile in radio propagation, experienced skills in teaching, supervision, fundraising and management, and enhanced research network. This enables him to develop into an independent and leading researcher and realize his career plan within academia. The project also contributes to Europe’s Digital Decade, a vision and avenues presented by the Commission in March 2021 for Europe’s digital transformation by 2030, by facilitating an efficient, low-cost, credible, better and timely development of 6G and beyond wireless systems.


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