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Mobilizing European Communities of Practice in bio-based systems for better governance and skills development networks in bioeconomy


Guidelines for developing the training governance framework - Communities of Practice

The report will contain guidelines written based on the interaction with the partners (regional and European collaborating stakeholders) as well as feedback from the validation activities (WP5). The learnings will describe different aspects of the governance framework (Communities of Practice) development.

Collection and assessment of good practises and case studies related to EU and regional training initiatives in bioeconomy

Task leader with participating partners will develop a report where they describe an evaluation methodology and refined criteria concerning targeting, weighing, scoring, putting thresholds of good practices and case studies. The report will feature guidelines for collection of needed data.

Description of job profiles related to bioeconomy

The report will contain an assessment and presentation job profiles that fit the bioeconomy context. The profiles present the career paths and will include job description, context analysis, essential skills, education requirements and professional certifications, as well as specific skills that may be required to work within that occupation.

Validation of the guidelines and methodologies for training and mentoring programmes, including impact assessment and recommendations

The report will describe the process of validation of transnational guidelines and methodologies for training, as well as provide specific recommendations for the implementation of the regional training and mentoring programmes.

Strategy and guidelines for setup the local co-creation labs in form of Community of Practice

The report will include guidelines for inclusive engagement of target groups into 8 co-creation labs (Communities of Practice), including a dedicated strategy for inclusion of marginalised groups in training concepts development. The framework will specify the inclusive engagement and roadmap to reach the balanced participation of actors involved in adult learning, retraining and skills’ development, inclusion of bio-systems (industries, SMEs, researchers), active communities (national cultural and natural heritage keepers, artists, designers, professionals’ associations) but also citizen’s organisations, policy makers and researcher´s in each region.



Author(s): Susanna Albertini, Selenia Marinelli
Published in: 2023, ISSN 2340-1095
Publisher: IATED
DOI: 10.21125/iceri.2023.0612

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