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Fostering Participation Action Research to Develop Online Bereavement Support Application to support Bereaved Parents after a Traumatic Death of Their Child.


"""After a homicide, suicide, malpractice, or death of a child, there can be terribly deep bitterness and anger at the perpetrator, making the grieving unable to move forward in life when death cannot be accepted"" (Anna Liisa Aho, 2020). Among all events leading to bereavement, the death of a child is categorized as the most devastating event, leaving bereaved parents with effects on their health, psychology, and social relationships. To date, there is a lack of understanding regarding parental grief after the traumatic death of a child. A discussion on bereavement after a traumatic death may be taboo, and its need is underestimated due to culture and beliefs among people. The proposed study aims to investigate bereaved parents` meaning-making process after the traumatic death of their child, analyze the dynamic of formal and informal support received by the bereaved parents, analyze formal supports from bereavement experts` perspectives, and develop a web-enabled app-based intervention (PCARE app) that is derived from bereaved parents` and bereavement experts` perspectives to support bereaved parents. This study combines various qualitative research approaches, including in-depth interviews, Focused group discussion, and Participatory Action Research. The participants will be bereaved parents who experienced the traumatic death, bereavement experts, and IT professionals. Thematic analysis using ATLAS ti. software will be conducted to identify themes that emerge from the study. The themes will be translated into the innovation of the PCARE app. This study is vital to support the United Nations' sustainable goals and Horizon Europe's strategic planning to strengthen the health care systems and promote vulnerable families' health and well-being outcomes through the innovation of bereavement digital-based intervention."


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