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Occult Bohemia: Magic and Nationalism in Central Europe

Project description

Solving the mystery of Slavic occultism

The connection between ethnicity, nationalism and occultism is one that fascinates scholars and the public, with particular attention placed on German and Nazi occultism. Despite the interest, information on Slavic occultism like Czech is not readily available. The EU-funded OCCULT-NATION project seeks to increase knowledge about Czech occultism and its relation to nation and ethnicity from 1890 to 1945 and consider the similarities and differences between Slavic and German occultism. It will use a discursive-historical approach, focusing on topoi analysis and the comparative method to get results. OCCULT-NATION’s findings will raise awareness of central European nationalism and introduce much-needed new information.


Net EU contribution
€ 199 440,96
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