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Novel single photon sources based on electrical doped perovskite quantum dots


Future quantum technologies promise to deliver unprecedented computing power, guarantee secure communications, and yield ultra-high precision measurements. The key-element of all quantum optical technologies is the single photon emitter; however, state of the art single photon sources still suffer from a slow photon emission rate hampering the application of quantum technologies in our everyday life. Moreover, in quantum optics, it is essential to be able to analyze quantum signatures of the emitted light from quantum dots (QDs) and current experimental configurations offer limited capabilities for the metrology of quantum-light sources. Therefore, ELDOPP will target the development of a novel approach based on electrical doping of perovskite quantum dots (QDs) to boost their single photon emission properties and the implementation of a new detection system for the complete characterization of quantum optical properties of light emitted by QDs. The first aim of the project will be achieved through the realization of a solid-state device where an external electric field is directly applied to the perovskite QDs using a parent structure of field-effect transistor (FET) to generate highly charged excitons with fast decay rate. Furthermore, ELDOPP will take advantage from the fact that perovskite QDs provide the fastest decay rate among the known QDs so far, offering the opportunity for the realization of the fastest single photon source at room temperature until now. The second aim of ELDOPP will be accomplished via the implementation of a detection system based on a single photon avalanche diode (SPAD) array detector. The data collected with this system will provide a complete characterization of the analyzed single photon emitter giving information on the lifetime, antibunching effect and photon indistinguishability enabling also quantum-imaging microscopy.


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