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Greenly synthesized nanomaterials for phosphorus recovering and recycling in agricultural catchment


Excessive phosphorus (P) use in intensive agricultural food production is threatening the one-way flow of P from mineral reserves to fields and subsequently into waterways. Only 30% of the P supplied to soils in Europe is utilized by plants, with the remainder accumulating in the soil and being lost through runoff and subsurface drainage. Phosphorus recovery from agricultural drainage can therefore provide a solution to this issue but its recovery from tile drains is challenging because of the low content of P and unpredicted hydraulic loadings. In GreenP, for the first time, extract from grass will be used for the green synthesis of efficient nanoscale adsorbents for the quick and efficient recovery of P from agricultural drainage. The P enriched nanomaterials will be assessed as nano fertilizer for their nutrient release potential, interaction with soil microbial community and translocation within the plant body using high-tech analytical tools and modeling. A multidisciplinary approach connecting environmental engineering, soil fertility, biology, and crop physiology will be implemented. The outcomes will be helpful for better management of P to close its loop in agriculture, thus contributing to the circular economy and agricultural sustainability. The project will also result in a dual exchange of knowledge and expertise between the researcher and the host, which will benefit the professional career of the researcher in the future.


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