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Spin Polarized Transport in Transfer Doped Diamond Wafers


With the advancement of techniques to grow high-purity, single-crystal synthetic diamonds and due to extreme physio-chemical characteristics and ultra-wide bandgap (5.47 eV) nature, diamond has been considered the next-generation material for high power, high temperature and high-frequency electronics, quantum computing, sensing, and communication applications. Observing the temperature-independent conductivity and the possibility of generating excessive hole carrier concentrations and spin-orbit coupling (SOC) generated by electron acceptors, a systematic investigation on the prospects of spin-polarized transport in 2D hole gas (2DHG) formed at transfer doped hydrogen-terminated diamond surfaces is vital. Spotted will investigate the strength of spin-orbit coupling(SOC) in transfer doped diamond via magnetotransport studies and study the possibility of spin injection and spin-polarized transport through Hanle measurements and Rashba-Edelstein Effect, respectively. We will also attempt to reduce the carrier scattering due to electron acceptors immediate to the 2DHG that may cause spin-depolarization by applying 2D-hBN between the transfer dopants and the diamond surfaces. Besides, using time-domain THz spectroscopy, the spin-dependent density and momentum scattering time of charge carriers (2DHG) will be unraveled (with and without 2D h-BN) to shed light on the spin asymmetry of 2DHG during the scattering process. These studies are expected to raise a lot of research in the future, and the realization of spin-polarized transport in diamond wafers offers a robust materials system for spintronics devices and enables faster yet efficient microelectronic devices that are operable even in extreme environments.

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