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III-Sb Quantum-Dot (QD) memory devices for applications in neuromorphic circuits


The current exponential growth of energy consumption by electronic devices is not sustainable in the long term and has detrimental effects on global climate change, it requires solutions to reduce energy waste. One novel approach is the Artificial Neural Network (ANN), which is more efficient in performing several tasks as learning, pattern recognition and vision than the usual electronics and sequential algorithms. However, ANN lacks specific hardware to reach its potential. Recently, a lot of effort has been done to find memory devices to implement truly efficient neuromorphic hardware. High endurance and retention time, and low write energy, low write time and voltage are required. This research program proposes to create these memory devices with III-Sb compound semiconductor nanostructures since they are expected to have all these properties. In addition, their optoelectronic properties will allow the manipulation of memory states using light, which will provide unrivaled functionalities to the ANN that use these novels III-Sb memories.


Net EU contribution
€ 211 754,88
163 Rue Auguste Broussonnet
34090 Montpellier

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Occitanie Languedoc-Roussillon Hérault
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