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Deciphering the role of host immunity in development of herpes virus meningitis


Viral infection remains a major health burden globally, particularly considering the recent emerging viruses. The reason why individuals differ in susceptibility to viral infection is an essential, still unresolved question, in infection immunology research. The answer has strong impact on understanding of fundamental immunological principles as well as clinical medicine.
In this project, we aim to identify novel inborn errors of immunity conferring increased susceptibility to recurrent lymphocytic Mollaret’s meningitis caused by herpes simplex virus 2. By using advanced methodological approaches, including whole exome sequencing, genome editing and disease-mimicking model systems, we will search for key mechanisms of importance for antiviral defense. This project will provide new insights that can be translated into early genetic diagnosis, prophylaxis and gene therapy, and may pave the way for development of new antiviral therapies.


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