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Precision cosmology And Dark sectOr physics with graVitational wAves


Upcoming gravitational wave (GW) surveys will detect thousands of resolved events, and possibly the stochastic GW background, with multiple surveys across the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum providing complementary cosmological and astrophysical datasets. As GW and EM surveys probe the same realization of the underlying matter density field, multi-probe analyses which fully take into account statistical correlations between all probes are expected to provide significantly more information than that carried by the individual probes. In this action I will develop the theoretical understanding and tools required to perform multi-probe GW analyses involving data from GW, Cosmic Microwave Background, and Large-Scale Structure surveys, while receiving top-class training from world experts at the University of Padova. I will develop a pipeline to robustly carry out such analyses on real data, conduct a detailed investigation of fundamental physics scenarios which these analyses can probe, and provide the first applications to real data. In doing so, I will open new windows onto the evolution of the Universe, the origin and growth of fluctuations, the nature of dark matter and dark energy, the behavior of gravity on cosmological scales, and the origin of black holes, while developing novel tools to arbitrate cosmic tensions. This action will unleash the full power of multi-probe GW cosmology, establishing such analyses as a precision cosmological tool, and developing methods which will form the backbone of these analyses for years to come. Successful completion of this project will establish me as a world leader in precision GW cosmology, while delivering a huge contribution towards maximizing the scientific output and return for a major part of Europe’s investment in cosmology and astrophysics.


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