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A Novel Framework Predicting Steady Flow and Solute Transport in Partially Saturated, Heterogeneous Media.


Understanding and quantifying flow, transport, and reaction processes in partially saturated heterogeneous media and their consequences on the relevant Darcy-scale for different multiphase conditions and flow dynamics, remains one of the leading open challenges in porous media research. In this project, we develop a novel framework to predict flow & transport processes at the micro and Darcy scales, in partially saturated media, from the basic pore structure parameters and general flow dynamics. Flow & Transport processes in heterogeneous multiphase media span a variety of disciplines: physics, chemical engineering, environmental practices, geology, agriculture, microbiology, petroleum recovery, to name a few. This project novelty advances current knowledge on several lines. First, we will renew our current perception of the interplay between stable and unstable processes, in multiphase systems, on the most basic pore system features (water-filled pore size distribution). Second, we will develop a Lagrangian CTRW upscaling framework to partially saturated media. These accomplishments and their integration will allow us to characterize diverse flow regimes in heterogeneous media within a unique template that is entirely predictive (i.e. not parameterized by the transport parameters or the spatial pore-scale flow field). This interdisciplinary endeavor incorporates particle dynamic models, macroscale stochastic methods, CFD models, and meta-analysis of microfluidic devices experiments and numerical direct pore simulations. To this end, the project will draw from the complementary skills of the supervisor and the researcher. In this context, this action is fully compatible with the MSCA Work Programme goals: • high-quality researchers’ training and supervision • strengthening research capacity • providing fairer and more attractive working conditions • building new and sustainable international and inter-sectoral partnerships and networks.



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