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Conceptualizing Oppression-Related Emotions

Project description

Understanding oppression-related emotions in women

Based on the premise that women experience oppression-related emotions (ORE) differently than other demographics, the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) CORE project will develop a conceptual framework to serve as a foundation for better dealing with medical conditions more often experienced by women such as fibromyalgia and anorexia nervosa. It will adopt a philosophical approach that incorporates feminist philosophy and appropriate research in the fields of psychology, social science, and health science in order to explore ORE in a female and feminist context. This is expected to afford new interpretations of the connections between ORE and the manifestation of emotionally derived suffering.


CORE proposes the category of Oppression-Related Emotions (ORE) to identify a cluster of painful emotions related to experiences of oppression (especially in the terms of gender) and their relationship to oppression, knowledge, and painful manifestations. The main research hypothesis is that oppression-related emotions are influenced by the axes of oppression: i.e. these emotions may be experienced differently depending on the dimension of gender, class, race, etc. The project will focus on the gender axis. From this, two issues will be investigated: the role of oppression-related emotions' in the production of female, feminist, and anti-oppressive subjectivities and knowledge, and oppression-related emotions’ relationship with painful manifestations. This project will be carried out through a philosophical framework informed by contemporary naturalized feminist philosophy, implementing interdisciplinary research integrating feminist philosophy with relevant research in psychology, social sciences, and health science. Located at the intersection of feminist philosophy, psychology, social sciences, and health, CORE’s goal is to develop a theoretical framework that will support interventions into health issues experienced more frequently by women, including autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, and eating disorders, among others. To investigate oppression-related emotions in a philosophical framework through interdisciplinary research, and to propose new perspectives on their relationship with painful manifestations, CORE develops a methodology that is naturalized, interdisciplinary, feminist, and intersectional.

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