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Development of Micro-Magnetron for Terahertz Imaging Applications

Project description

Where electronics and photonics meet

There is a region that separates electronics from photonics; it is the terahertz (THz) region, nominally 0.1-10 THz. Closing the gap between electronics and photonics is inevitable, and compact electron devices are needed to exploit potential advantages. The EU-funded Micro-magnetron project will place the magnetron tube on THz fronts. The THz micro-magnetron is expected to serve RADAR applications for national security as well as earthquake evacuation procedures and materials investigations. This solution will also pave the way for an efficient alternative to medical imaging, including for cancer diagnosis. Another use is the detection of concealed arms at crowded places.


Net EU contribution
€ 206 887,68
Von Kraemers Alle 4
751 05 Uppsala

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Östra Sverige Östra Mellansverige Uppsala län
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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