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MagMech: Precision magnetic tweezers for the mechanobiology of cells and tissues.


The mechanobiology of cells and tissues plays an essential role in physiology and diseases. This emerging field at the frontier between physics, engineering and biology, heavily relies on precise and versatile devices to apply and measure mechanical forces within and around cells and tissues. However the current commercial landscape is restricted to few systems that are limited to a small range of forces and poorly compatible with large tissues and embryos. In the FORCASTER ERC Consolidator project, our team invented a magnetic tweezer system which allows to apply large calibrated forces on magnetic particles embedded within cells and tissues, or at their surface, which largely overcome the limits of the current commercially available devices. In the MagMech PoC we will: (i) perform key technological updates to improve the versatility, stability and precision of the device; (ii) Gather proof of concept data in multiple relevant tissues, organs and embryos to support its broad potential for studying the mechanobiology of cells and tissues in a variety of physiological and disease contexts and; (iii) Starting from the recent filling of a patent, perform market evaluations, including KOLs and end-users interviews, establish partnerships with different industrial sectors, as well as consider the creation of a start-up to support the commercialization of this technology in the near future. With this PoC project, we will thus assess the value proposition that the magnetic tweezer system developed in FORCASTER ERC project can be brought to the market, serving as a key alternative to the existing commercial systems, for applying and measuring forces within and around cells and tissues.


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