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Development of a photoelectrochemical device for Ammonia production


The growing world population is pressing on an increasing global food and energy demand, and simultaneously contributing to an unceasing rise in carbon dioxide emissions. In this context, finding inexpensive and fossil-free pathways to supply energy and food has become one of the most critical challenges of this century. On this scenario, ammonia (NH3) is envisaged as a zero-carbon fertiliser, fuel and energy store, with a potential key role in the transition towards a low-carbon economy.
DEMONIA is a high gain proposal to address the aforementioned challenges, by means of the development of a scalable and environmentally friendly photoelectrocatalytic device for the production of solar ammonia. This key platform molecule will be produced using a new generation of hybrid heterostructures based on Conjugated Porous Polymers (CPPs), which have not been studied for NH3 production until now. These materials are expected to outperform conventional photoelectrodes, leading to higher N2 conversion to ammonia. DEMONIA project will evaluate the feasibility of this novel photoelectrochemical solar ammonia approach, with the aim of accelerating the development of this technology for a near-future access to the market. The success of this proof of concept will have important commercial implications in a wide range of energetic and environmental research areas (energy sector, agriculture, transportation, chemical and pharmaceutical industry). Besides, the strong inter- and multidisciplinary approach (chemical, physical, engineering and materials science) of this proposal is expected to impact on several fields, from fundamental research to applied investigations concerning renewable energy production.
The transfer knowledge plan will be a vendor IP strategy based on the information obtained by previous contacts with Industry/manufacturer holders with interest on this innovative technology. It implies Effectiveness, Patent, Transfer of Knowledge, and Dissemination.


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