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Nano-Biological Contrast Agent Platform for MRI Imaging


NANO-IMAGING proposes the elucidation of the potential of a metal-protein hybrid nanostructure as a platform for the development of tissue-specific positive Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) contrast agents. This proposal builds on the large demand for MRI examinations worldwide, the health concerns raised by available contrast agents, and the little choice of tissue-specific contrast agents available to clinical practitioners.

The unique value proposition of NANO-IMAGING —a safe, bright, and tissue-specific MRI contrast agent— is possible due to the purposely designed structure and composition of the nanostructure and tissue-targeting properties thereof.

The proposed solution, based on proprietary technology, allows for the control of the nanomaterial properties and the straightforward customization of targeting moieties.
Having observed the basic principles of the technology; formulated the concept behind the idea; and made in-vitro experiments that prove the consistency of our revolutionary approach, now we want to further the technology towards the clinical practice by testing the technology in-vivo.

By leveraging on the platform nature of this solution and our capacity to tune the targeting properties of the nanostructure, we aim at providing a simple, tuneable, and affordable development platform for the fabrication of biocompatible, tissue-specific MRI contrast agents à la carte. Therefore, the successful outcome of this project will help realize the breakthrough and innovation potential of this solution for the fast and cost-effective development of a growing portfolio of tissue-specific MRI contrast agents. And thereby address a current societal challenge in health by satisfying the present demand for efficient, safe, and tissue-specific contrast agents for diagnosis


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Paseo miramon 182, parque tecnologico de san sebastian edificio empresarial c
20009 San sebastian

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