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Getting ready for multi-vendor and multi-terminal DC technology


Power Electronics is enabling radical transformation in the power grid and, in particular, it is opening the opportunity for a massive application of DC technology. DC technology will increase the overall flexibility and efficiency of the infrastructure. Nevertheless, this innovation comes with challenges in terms of interoperability when we consider networks with multi-vendors. The concrete case of off-shore wind farms is then the starting point for the transformation. READY4DC will create the right conditions to establish a community of experts that will discuss all the implications of the process both from a technical and a legal perspective. Thanks to the work of a set of working groups with open participation, position papers will be produced to create the proper conditions for consensus paving the way towards changes in the regulation and in the legal framework. The results of this work will impact not only the off-shore use cases but, in principle, all the application of power electronics driven grids and at every voltage level, determining a very important step towards a futuristic infrastructure in which DC will play a central role at every level.



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