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OCT is a key imaging technology, allowing non-contact high resolution 3D imaging which has helped to save the sight of millions of people. However, progress has stalled since reaching the axial resolution (dz) limit of 1 um. Quantum OCT (QOCT) offers a step change x2 improvement in dz and greatly reduces dispersion. In addition, control of orbital angular momentum (OAM) reduces noise and improves edge and surface profile definition and discrimination of chiral objects. SEQUOIA will deliver the highest resolution OCT system ever built, protected from noise by artificial intelligence (AI) based OAM control in a real-world application: retinal imaging.
Underpinning SEQUOIA is an ultra-stable, ultra-low noise comb source of unprecedented bandwidth (250-400 nm) which builds on NKT’s world-leading supercontinuum sources and adds new PTB techniques for stabilisation and noise control.
AI-based algorithms (UPV) will be used at TUD to program spatial light modulators to encode high purity high-dimensional OAM onto the QOCT beams to increase resilience to noise and improve imaging quality.
MPD will deliver new single-photon avalanche diode arrays specifically tailored for quantum imaging, to perform photon coincidence correlation at an unprecedented rate.
NOR’s world-leading classical OCT software will be extended to create the first ever QOCT software.
Theoretical work at NCU will develop the first mathematical models of noise in QOCT to optimise the spontaneous parametric downconversion.
PTB will perform metrological characterisation of all relevant parameters and DTU will quantify the QOCT advantage over classical OCT.
Retinal imaging using stable test standards from WWU will be performed, with automated AI-algorithms (UPV) to compare performance with classical OCT.
ARD will perform a detailed techno-economic and social life cycle analyses to evaluate future markets and impacts. VIV will coordinate an extensive dissemination programme with a high-profile Advisory Board.



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