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Functional Nano-Scaffolds for Regenerative Medicine


Repair or replacement of tissue and organ functions lost due to age, disease or damage represents one of the most urgent medical needs of our aging society. The NanoReMedi Consortium will contribute to addressing this fundamentally important issue by using a new and efficient scientific approach relying on the design, preparation, characterization and validation of conceptually innovative peptide-based functional nanomaterials for regenerative medicine applications. Specifically, NanoReMedi will tackle three highly relevant case studies: “Tissue engineered vascular grafts to replace damaged peripheral arteries”, “Stem-cell based regenerative medicine for bone and cartilage repair” and “Facing with implantation failure” this last addressed to overcome bacterial severe infections. As an equally important goal, the NanoReMedi Consortium aims to build a world-class doctoral educational model in the field of nanomaterials applied to regenerative nanomedicine, through a strategically designed Academia-Industry interplay. To this end, 6 Beneficiaries, one Associated Partner linked to a beneficiary and 12 non-academic associated partners will join their forces to: i)create a highly innovative research network for training a new generation of 13 Doctoral Candidates (DCs) with strong employment potential, aimed at studying and developing “Functional Nano-Scaffolds for Regenerative Medicine”; ii)establish a robust structure for long-term research cooperation between a pool of leading Universities and Enterprises, for broadening and strengthening the knowledge and skills of DCs accessing the nanoscience-area from adjacent disciplines (such as chemistry, material sciences and bioinformatics); iii)building a solid foundation for long-term European excellence in medical nanotechnology via dissemination of research/training outcomes - through cross-network secondments, Summer Schools workshops and transferable skills modules, and of the best practice generated by NanoReMedi.


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