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SUSTainable industrial DESIGN of TEXtile structures for composites


The SustDesignTex project general objective is to enhance networking activities and establish long-term strategic partnership between TUL (Faculty of Materials Technology and Textile Design), top-class leading counterparts at the EU level - 3 famous Universities, and the Polish company active in the field of the project results’ implementation. The general objective will be gained via building on the huge potential of networking for excellence through knowledge transfer in industrial design of innovative textile structures for composites, based on the joint implementation of a research microproject and a preliminary exchange of the best practice between TUL and the partners due to a set of coordination and support activities organized around the microproject. TUL, ITA, HB and UZ researchers will get acquainted with the real research interests and conditions of each other, train their skills and transfer knowledge on the new methodologies and equipment during short-term visits, expert visits, lectures, training sessions, joint research work, conferences and conducting of a joint research micro-project designing and assessing new Textile Reinforcement Composites (TRC). TUL also will get a huge institutional advancement in reserach management and administration, research project preparation, management and coordination, and develop the skills of its Early Stage Researchers via the Strengthening TUL research management marathon, roundtables, workshops and the Joint Summer School for TUL ESRs. The Industry-Research Dialog Platform and the Joint Research and Innovation Road Map launched in the project will create conditions for constant joint work with industrial partners and support gaing the goals of the Lodz Region Smart Specilization Strategy. The TUL team will acquire expertise in industrial design, processing textile structures and TRC from outstanding partners and become a Center of Excellence in the optimization of innovative TRCs.


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€ 855 500,00
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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€ 855 500,00

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