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New approach to innovative technologies in manufacturing

Project description

Bringing innovation to all industries, everywhere

Innovation is crucial for any and every industry. In the EU, innovation has driven the implementation of novel solutions. Unfortunately, some EU countries, like Poland, have not been completely successful at accelerating innovation and introducing new ideas. The EU-funded NEPTUN project, in cooperation with KTH Stockholm, TU Berlin and NTU Athens, will offer a solution. It utilises their experience in subjects like innovations in additive manufacturing, VR technology, and others, as well as their connections with multiple universities. They will help Poland and other EU countries to achieve innovative industrial sectors with research and production excellence.


At the dawn of 21st century the importance of economy being up to date with the latest scientific developments – such as Industry 4.0 - is more evident than ever before. Recent global situation has proven that in order for the principles of I4.0 to be successfully implemented, the industry must cooperate closely with universities and authorities. In Poland this cooperation is still insufficient and to solve this problem GDAŃSK TECH teams up with KTH Stockholm, TU Berlin and NTU Athens. The overall objective of the NEPTUN Project is to raise the GDAŃSK TECH level of excellence in the area of additive manufacturing accompanied by cloud computing and control, virtual reality modelling and simulation technology. The project will allow GDAŃSK TECH to become a leading entity in the research and innovation not only on a regional but on a national level, making it an efficient partner in developing Industry 4.0 in Poland. The partners' experience and expertise with research and innovation activities in such fields as applying DMLS/SML, SLS and FDM for prototyping with incorporating the process and parameter optimization and control of 3D printed materials for functional use, modelling robotic cells in VR environment or applying evolutionary algorithms in manufacturing will allow GDAŃSK TECH to expand its expertise and to engage in R&D&I activities on a whole new level. An important aspect of the project is a work package connected with exploratory research project related to fabrication and design of new mechanical metamaterials – artificial structures whose mechanical properties are defined not only by their composition but also by their structure. Other WPs will boost the development of Industry 4.0 on the regional and national level by forming NEPTUN Cluster of Excellence. NEPTUN will raise the attractiveness of the profile and research potential of all the partners; it will build a network of scientific contacts aimed at future research projects and publications.


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