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Renovation packagEs for HOlistic improvement of EU’s bUildingS Efficiency, maximizing RES generation and cost-effectiveness

Project description

Revolutionising building renovation across the EU

Several obstacles can slow down EU renovation ratios. These include insufficient funding, limited technical expertise, complex regulatory frameworks and a lack of awareness among building owners and residents about the benefits of renovation. There are also challenges related to the preservation of cultural heritage. In this context, the EU-funded REHOUSE project will develop cost-effective and flexible solutions. Specifically, it will demonstrate eight renovation packages rolled out in four locations in Greece, France, Italy and Hungary. These will be based on circularity principles, integrating new technologies, prefabrication, off-site construction of components, and respect for architectural and historic value. A social engagement strategy will also increase awareness about the benefits of sustainable renovation.


The main objective of REHOUSE is to develop and demonstrate 8 renovation packages of promising technology innovations until TRL7. The renovation packages are fully designed for a wide range of building renovation actions, including deep renovations, that overcome the main barriers that slow down the current EU renovation ratios, following circularity principles, including multi-functionality through active/passive elements integration, prefabrication and off-site construction of components and respect of buildings aesthetics, architectural and historic value. REHOUSE also implements an inclusive people-centric social engagement strategy to endow the renovation wave with a resident and owner perspective towards affordability, satisfaction and attractiveness of sustainable renovation.

The renovation packages will be deployed across 4 locations serving as demonstrators located in Greece, Italy, France and Hungary. These buildings renovations include detailed design, pilot set-up, demonstration and evaluation to validate in operational conditions (social) the prototypes of the 8 renovation packages.

REHOUSE proposes solutions that cover together a set of 5 renovation principles offering technically and economically affordable renovation solutions with enough flexibility to tackle almost 100 % of the building renovation challenges at EU level. The aim is to boost market uptake, scalability and replicability of REHOUSE renovation packages, linking its value proposition with critical economic, technical, social, regulatory and data security/protection aspects and barriers and propose practical recommendations on how to overcome them.


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