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FOod and nutritiOn Data-driven innovation respectful of citizen's Data SovereIgnTY

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Innovations spearheading a nutrition revolution and personal data sovereignty

Data collected in digital solutions in the food and nutrition domain can be used by food producers, distributors and retailers to innovate towards more environmentally friendly activities. However, since the platforms are closed to the public, there is limited possibility of using data for common good. With this in mind, the EU-funded FOODITY project aims to create a healthy ecosystem of digital solutions for food and nutrition that respect citizens’ right to personal data sovereignty. Specifically, the project will carry out a pilot programme funding industry and research collaborations in health and nutrition. The goal is to deliver 12 data-driven solutions, reach more than 200 000 citizens, and demonstrate the potential of a user’s personal data in health and nutrition solutions towards more sustainable food systems


The data economy holds great promises for making food systems more sustainable. Data collected in digital solutions in the food and nutrition domain could be used by food producers, distributors, retailers to innovate towards more environmentally-friendly activities. However, the currently used platforms are closed, and do not allow citizens to exercise their rights to personal data sovereignty. Moreover the closed aspect of these platforms hinders the possibility to use these data for common good even if users gave their consent to share their anonymised personal data.

It is time for Europe to ensure a healthy ecosystem of Digital Solutions for food and nutrition that respect citizens' right to personal data sovereignty. FOODITY will run a 2M€ pilot development program funding 12 Industry and research collaborations to develop pilots demonstrating the potential of data-driven innovations in health and nutrition, engaging citizens in their development. The pilots will demonstrate the potential of user’s personal data in health and nutrition solutions to contribute to more just and environmentally-friendly food systems, reaching over 200,000 citizens in our communication actions.

The FOODITY Pilot development program we provide it's beneficiaries with a set of value adding services including one-to-one mentoring, training on technical business and legal topics relevant, as well as technical support into assets to which beneficiaries can use as building blocks the development of the pilots. FOODITY builds on the PROTEIN H2020 project will provide state-of-the-art tools and software components as building blocks for the development of personalised nutrition solutions, and the PoSeID-on H2020 project Provides a deployment-ready solution for trustworthy secure large-scale data sharing transactions, full GDPR compliance and relying on the centralised technologies and digital identity, thus guaranteeing the personal data sovereignty of the end users.


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