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Quantum Internet Alliance - Phase1

Project description

Bringing quantum internet to market

Quantum internet is a strategic area of investment in Europe. The goal is to make it available to everyone and provide benefits such as security to the telecommunications and financial sectors. Bringing together industry and academia (from computer science to experimental physics), the Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA) is working towards a moonshot objective: to pave the way towards a true quantum internet that connects many more metropolitan networks via a long-distance backbone network. The EU-funded QIA-Phase1 project will develop a full-stack prototype network validating all key subsystems. It will also drive an innovative European quantum internet ecosystem capable of scaling all subsystems to world-leading European technology.


The mission of the Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA) is to build a global Quantum Internet made in Europe – by developing a full-stack prototype network, and by driving an innovative European Quantum Internet ecosystem capable of scaling the network to worldleading European technology. Building on its proven track record in teamwork, which has already resulted in world first Quantum Internet technology, QIA advances this mission in two complementary objectives: The first is the realization of a full-stack prototype network able to distribute entanglement between two metropolitan-scale networks via a long-distance backbone (>500 km) using quantum repeaters. The second is the establishment of a European platform for Quantum Internet development, which will act as a catalyst for a European Quantum Internet Ecosystem including actors all along the value chain.

QIA’s network will enable advanced quantum-network applications and prepare the ground for secure quantum computing in the cloud, thanks to our new generation of end nodes including both processing nodes and low-cost photonic client devices. Nodes in the metropolitan network will be interconnected via hubs that allow the scalable connection of hundreds of end nodes, paving the way for early adopters. The long-distance backbone will be realized using fully functional quantum repeaters unlocking Pan-European end-to-end quantum communication. QIA’s prototype network will operate on standard optical fibers and serves to validate all key sub-systems, ready to be scaled by European industry.

In this first SGA we will advance towards the long-term objectives set up in the FPA project. Here we present in detail how work will be implemented during this first phase of the SGA.



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