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Novel Boron-Based Two Dimensional Materials as Heterogeneous Catalysts.


The proposal 2DBoroCat addresses synthesis, characterization and catalytic applications of “borophene” new wonder material that
has attracted extensive attention from the scientific community due to its intriguing properties. Despite the attractive properties of
borophene, lack of facile, low-cost and efficient production method restricted its industrial applications. Therefore, major focus have been given in developing a synthetic route to borophene, that outclasses the limitations of existing methods and modifies the present “state-of-the-art” synthesis. Further, it's use as catalyst in various industrially relevant transformations is suggested for the first time. Especially
the proposal addresses one of the defining environmental, energy and societal challenges of 21st century: the conversion of CO2 to
value added chemicals, especially LPG. Both thermal- as well as plasma- reactors will be used to accomplish the target of CO2 reduction. Plasma catalysis has the distinct advantage that the conversion can be achieved at a lower temperature and pressure compared to pure thermal catalysis. The proposal is highly novel and timely in the present context of global warming due to increasing anthropogenic CO2 emissions and diminishing fossil fuel reserves. In addition to this, other important reactions such as oxidative dehydrogenation (ODH) and ammonia-borane hydrolysis etc. will also be investigated. 2DBoroCat is expected to create huge scientific, economical and societal impact in terms of CO2 mitigation strategies.


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