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An innovative Virtual Reality based intrusion detection, incident investigation and response approach for enhancing the resilience, security, privacy and accountability of complex and heterogeneous digital systems and infrastructures


Organisations across the sectors significantly benefit from digital transformation to support evolving business models, services and customer experience. Despite the benefits of digital infrastructure adoption, there are numerous security challenges that could pose any digital disruption and risks for the critical service delivery and overall business continuity. There is a need to understand the overall digital infrastructure context and analyse and predict the possible threats and incidents in real-time so that quick and accurate responses can be taken into consideration for ensuring resilience of service delivery. Additionally, collaborative response and sharing of threat intelligence information is necessary to create overall awareness and increase the response capability of all stakeholders within the ecosystem.
CyberSecDome will integrate advanced virtuality reality (VR) to extend the capability of the security solutions aiming to enhance security, privacy and resilience of the Digital Infrastructure. The project will consider AI-enabled security solutions to provide a better prediction of cybersecurity threats and related risks towards an efficient and dynamic incident management and optimise collaborative response among the stakeholders within the Digital Infrastructure ecosystem.
CyberSecDome project is built on a collaboration of 15 organisations from 6 EU member states (IT, DE, IE, SE, EL, CY) and 2 affiliated countries (UK, CH), which is composed by 5 industrial partners, 6 scientific partners and 5 SMEs. The project will be coordinate by MAGGIOLI SPA.


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47822 Santarcangelo Di Romagna

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Nord-Est Emilia-Romagna Rimini
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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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