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European Network Against Crime and Terrorism

Project description

Enhancing EU security research and innovation

Security research and innovation has grown increasingly complex in recent years, posing a significant challenge for the EU. The utilisation of innovations emerging from EU-funded security research and innovation projects remains limited. In this context, the EU-funded ENACT project aims to establish a Knowledge Network for Security R&I, offering support to the fight against crime and terrorism (FCT) sector. Equipped with a unique blend of resources and expertise, it endeavours to streamline knowledge exchange, foster collaboration and bolster the uptake of innovative solutions in the FCT security domain, thereby reinforcing Europe’s security infrastructure. Overall, the project will facilitate knowledge exchange within the FCT community and foster collaboration among the FCT market actors.


The programming of Security R&I is a highly sensitive exercise which has grown in complexity during the past years. Moreover, the uptake of innovation stemming from EU-funded security R&I projects remains a challenge. The goal of ENACT is to set up a Knowledge Network for Security R&I in the Fighting Crime and Terrorism area capable of i) supporting the EU-funded FCT security R&I cycle and the overall community and market actors with actionable evidence, and ii) boosting the Innovation Uptake of the outcomes and results stemming from FCT Security funded R&I projects.

ENACT brings together the most unique blend of knowledge, background, skills, resources and connections to: i) deliver a network-enabling service that facilitates the exchange of knowledge and value within the wider FCT community; ii) catalogue, aggregate and exploit the existing knowledge on the FCT area ensuring continuous availability of a structured knowledge base accessible to decision makers of the various R&I domains; iii) communicate project activities and disseminate & exploit project findings in a timely manner, ensuring continuous availability of updated actionable knowledge in each of the four domains addressed, namely capabilities, technology, market and SSH; iv) foster cooperation between FCT market actors in order to improve the market visibility and the uptake of innovation, and; v) ensure the sustainability of the “knowledge as a service” model and the enabled networking environment beyond the project duration.

To operationalise these five pillars, ENACT will implement coordination and support measures to extract information from the FCT R&I Community making use of the project’s connections with specific Knowledge Hubs. It will also classify the information according to a recognisable taxonomy, define concrete metrics, derive results based on the exploitation of the acquired information and feed them back into the community, thus contributing to a more impactful EU FCT R&I effort.


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