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Single-atom decorated 2D catalysts for power-to-X conversion and sustainable future


High efficient Power-to-X technologies such as hydrogen production by water splitting, the electrocatalytic reduction reaction of carbon dioxide to fuels, and nitrogen reduction to ammonia are the cornerstones for building sustainable future energy and economy. P2X technologies are a direct tool for achieving carbon neutrality and reducing the negative effects of anthropogenic climate change, as well as, dramatically reducing the role of fossil fuels in energy and industry, making it impossible to use the fossil fuels supply as an instrument of political pressure. The Proposed project is aimed at the development and complex study of the electro- and photo-electro active materials based on single-atom-modified 2D flakes of MXenes and MBenes, aimed at significant improvement of the energy efficiency of Power-to-X technologies. Optimization of the composition and structure of catalytic sites, including the simultaneous decoration of material by two or several atoms of different elements, controlled by electrochemical atomic-force spectroscopy will be used for the preparation of efficient catalytic materials with outstanding properties. Novel methods of decorating 2D materials by laser and microwave exposure, as well as, general patterns of controlling the catalytic MXenes and MBenes activity by SA (SA ensemble) structure will be also developed.


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