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Multiscale Characterisation and Simulation for Hydrogen Embrittlement Assessment: Development of an Open Knowledge Platform to Foster Capability Integration


HyWay aims to develop adaptive multiscale material modelling and characterisation suites for assessing interactions between hydrogen and advanced metallic materials and demonstrate their capabilities on hydrogen storage and transport components.
Advanced materials application like hydrogen technologies is essential for achieving the EU carbon neutrality goal. However, deploying hydrogen technologies needs a tremendous effort to complete the infrastructure, requiring efficient material assessment suites, enabling industries to be more effective in developing and working with materials. Furthermore, since hydrogen is stored and transported in several forms, the material assessment suites must be flexible and capable of revealing hydrogen-material interactions in various conditions.
The HyWay suites contain 3 key modules: Physical realm, Virtual world, and Data and knowledge management platform (DKMP). The Physical realm will advance experimental capabilities to reveal hydrogen-material interactions by compiling characterisation methodologies across length scales. The Virtual world will develop a multiscale and multiphysics materials modelling framework for disclosing how hydrogen alters changes in advanced materials under various service conditions. The Physical realm and the Virtual world are interdependent and complement each other through the data exchange between modules. We will establish the DKMP to facilitate the data exchange and merge material research disciplines.
HyWay will ensure the productive allocation of investments required in constructing the hydrogen infrastructure. We will strengthen European capability in steering green transition with digital technologies and future emerging enabling technologies and ensure an open strategic autonomy by supporting the transformation of the EU energy mix to be dominated by hydrogen. The consortium comprises renowned experts from academia and industries across the EU and will support Ukraine on its European path.


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