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Multi-instrumental research on waves in the polar atmosphere


Atmospheric gravity waves have a clear impact on the dynamics of the mesosphere. In particular breaking gravity waves are always accompanied by a negative momentum flux divergence, which is essentially a momentum flux convergence. This leads to an accele ration of the background flow and consequently to an adiabatic cooling of the polar summer mesopause. In the MINERWA project for the first time coordinated momentum flux measurements will be carried out by the use of different lidar and radar instruments. Using the ALOMAR sodium lidar will provide us with wind and temperature profiles in the altitude range from 80 - 100 km. Together with the ALOMAR ozone lidar the temperature profile from 10 - 70 km can be determined by Rayleigh scattering in the cloud-fr ee part of the atmosphere. This data set will be extended by the use of the EISCAT VHF and UHF radars by the means of additional wind measurements in the mesopause region. This comprehensive data set will allow to calculate momentum flux in the mesospau se region and to determine the source altitude of the observed gravity waves. Measurement campaigns during summer as well as during winter will show the seasonal variability of atmospheric gravity wave activity and momentum flux. In this project I like t o work at the Norwegian host institute for two years in order to expand my scientific horizon, scientific experience, and network of scientists. This work will contribute to continued use and further development of an advanced U.S. lidar instrument at a N orth-European Research Observatory and thus strengthen the European scientific excellence. In addition to exchange of expertise with the host institute, collaboration with international research groups at ALOMAR and at EISCAT is possible and desired.

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