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Public-private research and development partnerships launched by scientific research institutions: Theory and evidence from France


This research project aims to provide new theoretical and empirical insights on public-private partnerships seeking to exchange, develop and commercialise fundamental knowledge and technological innovations, focusing on agreements where the public counterpart is a scientific research institutions or a member thereof. To this end, two separate subprojects would be undertaken. The first subproject would develop a theoretical model of the contractual agreements established by public high-technology business in cubators for the provision of finance and business services to entrepreneurs seeking to commercialise an innovation. Guided by this theoretical framework, an empirical examination of start-up firms located at the French system of public incubators and/or receiving other forms of public support would be undertaken. Both the theoretical and empirical work would be carried out in collaboration with Dr. Jean-Michel Dalle, researcher at IMRI and an expert in business incubation.

The second subproject would colle ct and analyse data on research and development partnerships between firms and major scientific research institutions in France. Specifically, it aims to identify the types of research partnerships currently being established in France and the factors underlying the choice of particular partnership schemes. This part of the project would be undertaken in collaboration of Dr. Marc Isabelle, researcher at IMRI and CEA.

The deliverables from the research are: four research papers (jointly written with the collaborator of each subproject); a database on private-public R&D partnerships launched by large French research institutions that would be made available to other researchers; the organisation of three events to disseminate the results from the project. The project would be hosted by IMRI (Institut pour le Management de la Recherche et de l and apos;Innovation) and supervised by Dr. Dominique Foray.

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