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Development of Diagnostic Decision-support Systems by Domain Experts


Within this ESSI application experiment the Foundation Orthopaedic University Hospital Heidelberg will experiment on the development and establishment of a decision-support system for the preparation of standard operations in the field of orthopaedic surgery. The decision-support system shall be used by surgeons who have to decide for a known diagnosis which therapy is appropriate. It will be integrated into an information and communication system.

For the development of the decision-support system the University Hospital will use the engineering and management method M4D and the development tool D3. M4D (Methodology for the Development of Diagnostic Decision-Support Systems by Domain Experts) is a management and engineering methodology for the development of decision-support systems which is based on software development by domain experts (here: physicians, surgeons) using a high level development tool. D3 is a tool for the development of knowledge-based systems for decision support.

M4D and D3 will be established as a high level software engineering standard to enable the University Hospital to do in-house development of decision-support systems.

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