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Customer Service Support Center/Competent Software Systems Creation


The software that is basically to be developed gives us a complete knowledge about all items, that we have produced. i.e. the day the product was produced, the internal order number that founded this production, the structure of the product (the bill of materials), that was actual this date and even the part suppliers, that have delivered to us those parts, we did not produce ourselves. This is necessary because of legal aspects (indemnification in case of faults), because of supporting our customer service with information about the built in parts in order to have fast repair services and because of quality control, as we can follow up the way a built in part, that was defective, was coming from.

We want to study the effects of a new tool supported and newly organised development approach in measuring the additional labour, we have to carry. We want to report for ourselves the organisational burden, the difficulties of acceptance of the new organisation and the real positive effects of the tools, that we want to use, that is of tools covering the whole life-cycle of the development process and project management and quality assurance as well.

The objective is to analyse the real value of case tools in modern environment in terms of development time, quality and cost. There is one estimate based on the first collected requirements stating, that to realise the wishes in the old environment, without any tool costs more then 15 man years and second. that states a development time with modern support of about 4 to 5 man years.

If we can achieve it, we will have at the end of the experiment a description, a knowledge and an organisation of our new development process, that improves our existing one at least in terms of data-modelling. functional analysis and modularisation.

This is to be completed with some experience in creating GUI (Graphical User Interface) with a rapid prototyping approach. After the experiment we will go on systematising this experience developing our own style guides.

Another point, we want to stress, is the co-operation aspect, as we want to have an organised better control of external work and better integration.

We also want to look out for our next steps (probably guided also by the experience other ESSI-consortia will have made).

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