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Magnetic Fields during the Birth and Death of Stars


Magnetic fields are believed to play an important role in both the formation of stars and the evolution of stars at the end of their life. However, the exact role of magnetic fields is still under debate. Highly detailed studies of magnetic fields in star-forming regions and in the envelopes of late-type stars have been made possible by recent advances in observational and data reduction techniques in the field of radio interferometry. With Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) we observe astronomical ma sers that can probe kinematics, structures and magnetic fields at much smaller scales than accessible with the largest optical/IR telescopes. These studies will be enhanced even further by the advent of several new sensitive instruments that are now in dev elopment. The objectives of this Marie Curie project are to enhance the newest techniques for the studies of magnetic fields in star-forming regions and around late-type stars. Several of these techniques were developed during my PhD research and my subseq uent post-doctoral appointment. We will use observations of several masing molecules in the regions of interest, combined with state-of-the-art kinematic and geometric maser models, to obtain crucial insights in the role of magnetic fields in these importa nt stages of a stars life. The results will then be used to design the optimal observing strategies for new instruments such as the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) and the Atacama Millimeter Array (ALMA). Additionally, we will develop the necessary tools to i mmediately take full advantage of the improvements these new instruments will bring. The newly developed analysis tools will significantly improve the analysis of future data. The results of the project will provide the essential input information for magn etic fields in the theories and modeling of stellar evolution and star-formation.

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