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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Experimentation of a New Software Development Process, Oriented to Software Quality


The objective is the experimentation in a pilot project of the new company software development process, in order to subsequently implement it in the whole company. The new process defines control functions, coherent with the ISO 9001 certification requirements. Its main novelty is in the strong emphasis in the software products quality. In implementing such new software development process, the company aims are:

* to be able to tailor the development activities to the quality requirements specific of any project;
* to enhance, and make visible its achievement, the quality of the delivered software products (both the 'standard' and the 'additional' quality). This is perceived as a primary competitive advantage;
* to enhance productivity, mainly through an earlier discovery and resolution of problems and mistakes;
* to enhance costs control (actually the company experiments growing revenues with stable or decreasing profits);
* to open a new service market area, by offering advice in project control and quality assurance (mainly to EDP department of not IT organisations).

The adoption of the new development process is a key part of a company organisational revision aimed in obtaining certification, according to ISO 9001 standards.

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