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Improving Reuse in Space


The objective of the experiment is to install, learn, customise and evaluate the results of the ESPRIT project REBOOT (Esprit 5327) and the REBOOT environment on top of the CONCERTO commercial CASE to improve the reuse and metrics based quality methods used in the ADA software embedded on flight hardware systems developed at CRISA for space and defence systems. This will get in a fully 'development for reuse' method implemented in the normal software development life cycle at CRISA.

A second objective is to customise and use the quality measurement facilities provided by CONCERTO and REBOOT to define and support a metrics methodology for general development in the company. CONCERTO includes a quality tool for product metrics, (AUDIT coming from the commercial product 'Metronome') that covers the product metrics, while REBOOT includes a set of facilities to customise metrics during the development process.

As a third objective of the experiment, the productivity improvements when automating the software testing process will be analysed. This will be done after having collected a set of basic test completeness metrics using the commercial tool STW (SOFTWARE TESTWORKS) .

The experiment will be conducted on the application software of the MIPAS-ICE project, within the space program ENVISAT.

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