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Workflow Systems for Hospital Procedures


Objective: The main objective of the experiment is to test and evaluate the possibilities of the work flow management systems in the CHC organisation, and, in general, in the hospital sector.

A second objective is the study, normalisation, optimisation and automatisation of already existing procedures inside one hospital of the CHC
These specific procedures in one of the CHC hospitals will be used to evaluate the possibilities of the work flow technology in general and the GIFT product in particular. The procedures. that deals with the management of personnel, are today carried out partially by some already existing applications (salaries, scheduling) and partially in a manual way; the procedures are however of a key importance for the good management of the hospitals, and the effort associated to them, as well as the time spent, and very especially the effort and time needed when a small modification on these procedures is requested, too high. When a modification in the organisation, contracting law. etc., is requested, a complex process to modify the related applications begin. The introduction of the work flow system in this small part of the CHC will permit, apart from improving the current procedure itself, to discover and anticipate possible problems of the work flow technology, to evaluate the possibilities, to analyse social consequences, to calibrate the efficiency achieved and to estimate the parameters for a larger introduction in the CHC and in the hospital sector.

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