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Methods and tools for quality assurance of the software engineering process of a small software-producer


The project centres on the analysis, selection and application of methods and technologies which are used in a systematic way to improve the software engineering process. Chiefly notice will be fixed on the corresponding economic, organisational and information technological situation of especially small software firms. As a result, the partners involved call their attention to a quality assurance within the whole homogeneous software developing process. The first target will be an organisation-related approach to develop a guide-line for an optimised software engineering including the necessary organisation and process structure for that, as well as the special attention of the productive factor, namely the human being. Secondly, the project will be focused to a technique-related approach (case tools and databases) and its interactions with the organisation-related components.

Finally, the definition. selection and implementation of software developing tools have to be found and tested depending on the right analysed organisational structure.

By means of example of the reorganisation both of the process of software engineering and software product of 'bas' store software, the partner concerned intends to develop and test new methods to transfer the experiences gained. Finally, the preparation of the new technology for its use in industry will be supported by the transfer activities of the CIMTT for software developing or organisational consulting firms of the area.

Because of closer inspections of the modern methods, new results and current technology within an additional target of the project, the optimisation of the engineering data management process of the model plant of the CIMITT, the generalisation and usefulness of the proposed software engineering process shall be estimated and published.

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