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Targetry developments for the third generation of Radioactive Ion Beams facilities


The objectives of this proposal are the research, design and manufacture of fast-release target-ion source assemblies for the on-line production of radioactive ion beams, possibly allowing access to shorter-lived nuclides and increasing the intensities of the existing beams.

This will be achieved by:
1) systematic off-line and on-line investigation for promising target material/product species systems, complementing the TARGISOL database of their release properties and indicating correlations between materials with alike chemical or structural properties or diffusing species in the same chemical group;
2) shaping of the target material in order to be employed at the various European ISOL RIBs facilities;
3) research and design of prospective high-temperature electrolytic targets, a class of materials showing super-ionic conductivity.

The research techniques employed will be ion implantation followed by off-line release measurements with and without an applied electric field. This will be complemented by the o ff-line thermochromatography and by the on-line measurements of the yields and delay curves. The proposed Host Institution is the world-leading ISOL facility CERN-ISOLDE: with a long-standing tradition of over 30 years in the production of radioactive ion beams, it represents the perfect scientific context for a close and continuous interaction with other scientists and technicians very skilled in the topic.

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