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Automated Testing for the Man Machine Interface of a Training Simulator


Our Organisation is developing the real time SW simulator for a scientific satellite, to be used also for training of the operators at the Control Centre.

The development follows the guidelines of the ESA(European Space Agency) standards for SW engineering and is supported by a specific SW factory which does not effectively cover the testing process.

The testing is a major activity in every project therefore it is our intention to experiment as a parallel activity to the current development, the use of a more modern approach whose main objective is the automated execution of the tests.

The experiment will address two specific aspects of testing: the phase devoted to the integration of several modules into a subsystem (Integration Test) and the testing of Man Machine Interface.

As automation requires a strong use of formalism in the description of all the testing process, the impact of the technique on the entirety of the SW life cycle as well as its suitability for the adopted life cycle model shall be evaluated.

It is worth to note that our organisation has carefully selected the experiment which in our opinion fully satisfies the ESSI objective and is ready to start with its development.

The selected project is the SAX Satellite Simulator for the Italian Space Agency (ASI); the tool to implement the experiment is VALID, a tool which has no similar on the market, because it was specifically designed for the integration test of large real time SW systems.

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