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ESSI in Context of Rail Station Information Display System Software


Application experiment will be performed on the Rail station Information Display System (RIDS) software project.

The RIDS is a particular application issued from a generic Information Display System (IDS) dedicated to the railway environment.

The RIDS is built around a central unit computing and dispatching information (train's departures, etc.) to a set of display devices for the attention of the train's passengers.

For SAIT, the primary objectives of the application experiment are:

* automate as far as possible the RIDS software development life cycle by using tools, such as: a CASE tool, a Test-bench tool and a Configuration Management tool. The tools used to cover the software life-cycle are:

* STP/SA-RT CASE tool from Interactive Development Environments (IDE);
* C Development Environment (Design Generator, Code Center. C Navigator tool) from IDE,
* Testbed / C from Liverpool Data Research Associates,
* PVCS from Management SHARE.

* Validate the software engineering practices and tools used in the RIDS software by the Bootstrap assessment method,
* improve the quality of the RIDS software by:

- providing a set of documentation automatically and directly generated by the CASE tool,
- providing a set of report (generated by the CASE tool) showing the client specification tractability (i.e. that the system corresponds to the client specifications),
- automatically generate the C source code templates from the design,
- archive each software component into a Configuration Management System for reusability purpose.

The induced objective is, by internal training, 'sale' tools and methodologies inside the group in order to preserve the company style across all projects.

The final objective of the application experiment, is to evaluate tools (CASE and test bench) - in the frame work of the RIDS software project - tailored to our organisation and promulgate the lessons and experience gained.

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